The constant changes in variables that can be inclusive or exclusive of other factors are only as infinite as the human’s belief of infinity. We set our own limits. We set our paradigms. And we are held back, or propelled forward as we choose. Circumstances are merely a dream. Life is a dream. A dream whose limits you set. Acting based on the thinking that your problems will end in XYZ time is how long it will actually take for them to end. The only quotient that matters is the intensity of your actions.

Intensity is not determined by scale. It is determined by your belief in your actions. It is not determined by your motivation to act. But solely on how much you believe that A leads to B. Also note that if you have to get to E, then your life will pan out as A to B to C to D to E. But if you believe that A leads to E, then that comes true too. It’s all about your belief. It’s all about how real you think what others may consider absurd. But hey! If you think that your actions are absurd, then guess what, A will be absurd enough to not lead you to E.

There is no grey area here. Everything is black and white. Just as nature punishes a kid playing with a knife as much as it punishes an adult playing with a knife. The rules are equally applicable to us all. We are all here. Only the time that we have spent here may differ. Our lessons may differ. The number of times we have bled may differ. But the human potential inside of us is equal.

Human potential that you have is infinite.