How do you change the name of a city?-?You start with the local bus pass. Let’s be clear about this notion that what you see, and what you get are often not the best of what we will see happening in life. Most things revolve around to land nowhere. That, in fact, is a good thing. You can choose to bounce around in ecstatic motion for a certain number of years, only to have learned, grown, and prima facie, evolved. Evolution is the sole purpose of life. It is not progress, but paradigm shifts that challenge dogma, and act as catalysts to any decision making to the extent of being subconscious.

If our lives are an one time event, we might as well be vulnerable and prick ourselves, only to fly around the room like a balloon. Smaller. If you have read Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, then you would know that Men demand bigger things. Not the women of our society, but the men. As far as I am concerned, smaller things work for me. The smaller the plate, the lesser will be the food I would want to serve myself, the lesser will be the wastage if I don’t finish eating. Also, I will be concentrating highly nutritious food on that plate now that there’s a limit I chose to run with. Smaller has an advantage. Much as the fable goes, David and Goliath. You can complete daunting tasks by going one at it in bits. Bits, not pieces, see! That small.