I tried walking, and recording a podcast on @anchor.fm today. I did this instead of my daily 4AM hour reading. The idea seems interesting, but there are hurdles, and glitches. The biggest hurdle would probably be people in vehicles asking for directions. They break your flow of thought.

It would I am guessing take practice to find relevant pointers to create impromptu content if you are stalled mid-way. To add to that, the app has amazing, and sensitive sound reception which does not differentiate between human voice, and surrounding sounds. The glitches would be the 20min segment that I recorded as a part to my hour long episode is stuck at uploading to library”. Although the prelude got saved just fine. Maybe I should try doing 5min segments.

The other glitch was that the app does not record, or store segments if you think of reading written notes from another app such as Google Keep. The recording disappears, and you land up on Anchor’s home screen. I lost about 15min of content here. The app has a beautiful gallery of SFX, sounds, and music to use as Interlude, or background scores to your recordings. Almost to extent where you can create pure music mixes in anchor.

It’s fun how this helps if you are looking for more than just soundboarding to yourself. Anchor’s place the phone on your ears to record helps keep away insane attention from the insanity that you are doing. Maybe starting small makes more sense at my scale. Due to sheer lack of knowledge when it comes to editing audio. This bit might need strategies to create a better, and clearer episode.

One of which I think would be to record pointers in the comfort of your own room.