Designed by Kushal Samant (Copyrights under The Architect’s Act, 1972).

Can we make housing free for the end user, and bear the costs via crowdsourcing?

Our Story.
GRÜHAM began with ideas similar to selling products or services, and then employing these profits for building social housing projects.
The idea of a profitable business model to create large scale social impact led us to the question.

Can we make housing free for the end user, and bear the costs via crowdsourcing?

We charted a route map for how this could be achieved.
We believe that the process discussed below can act as a catalyst for rebuilding community bonds, and hence foster healthier societies.

People travel.
With the advent of Airbnb it is now easier to host someone as guests at your home.
Airbnb safeguards all the parties involved under Airbnb’s terms and conditions.

In simple words, what we visualize is that:
The guests pre-book their stay on an network of homes that is built in time for their arrival.
The end users shall honor their commitment as hosts for these pre-bookings.

The following factors are essential to settle the accounts:
End users will own the built structure.
End users shall be comfortable with couch-surfing.
The funds from pre-booking shall pay the bills, irrespective of the bills raised, including the expenses incurred for logistics and other operations.
The end users shall serve as Airbnb /couch-surfing hosts to repay any investors on board.

Airbnb on trials.
We were selected for the Future Architecture Platform and won an Entrepreneurship Cell Award 2016 in Mumbai.
We used the prize money to host on Airbnb in Mumbai to test the hospitality platform.
We believe we are making progress because we were given Airbnb Superhost” status in October 2017.
So now we are taking the idea a step further by infusing WikiHouse in it.

This video shows a WikiHouse prototype for GRÜHAM.

The original idea was adapted from a WhatsApp conversation between Kushal Samant and Surabhi Naik — Between 20 June 2016 5:36:02 PM and 21 June 2016 7:39:02 PM.
We are recording this because we think it is kind of cool.

If you wish to contribute in any manner, then please
[ Email ]
We are seeking to build more WikiHouses for those unfortunate around the world.