Not the exact nature of woodworking but the idea of how things can be built. Bit by bit, block by block, or layer by layer. This layering is what everything around us is made of. From emotions to nature, even time. Relativity, or a better word to use would be relational-ity, is the key of how human understanding is formed. The ability to understand phenomena by adding known context is essential. Although this approach can make it harder for us to accept somethings because they don’t fit in our history of experiences. This bit can explain natural or supernatural occurrences. This bit can also explain why everyone ran 4-minute miles within a week of the first guy who ran it. The thing to take away here is that the most common mistake we do is to think that people think like we do.

Thought is an experiential concept. So is emotion. We are all living in a dream world. Our dependence on technology will devour all the humanness that is within us. Changing our sector of employment will be a need in the coming future. The only thing that is at the root of all our problems these days as a civilization is technology. The slot machine dopamine loops that we have shaped our lives around are something we will have to struggle to break out of eventually. Even though Amazon and other multinational companies are making lives easier by providing for most of the services that were relevant in the past decade. This move is going to cost humanity. I believe Jeff Bezos may have good intentions but the overall effect of his actions are going to be the end all for most of us.

Netflix may provide you entertainment and bring out the best of the entertainment world. But there is a catch. When I was a kid, I would literally have a season for theaters. I did not fancy them back then. Now I realize that the amount of social interaction that comes from being around real people, and interacting with other people on a daily basis does shape the overall personality that we hold. It shapes the risk we take, and also priorities our own comfort over what’s right. There is a storm coming. A storm of education debt that has accumulated in the United States Of America. It is something that we have not prepared for. If you have money to get through these tough times, you are safe.

If you have the ability to restrain yourself from spending your time, the most valuable resource, on dumb shit then you might not really need the amount of money the rich will spend in this time of crisis. I find it hard to accept the notion that most of us are oblivious to the obvious dangers of the current state of our civilization. I believe most of us are being lazy to chase less of social media, and more of life. There is so much more that we are missing out on by putting our heads down into our phones. There is so much more in libraries, theaters, and people that we haven’t tapped yet. Artificial intelligence may be claimed to be the best thing. But it comes with yet another catch. It comes with vast pockets of time that we haven’t thought of how to use. AI comes with idleness. And an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

The vast source of information that is available to us is lethal. I repeat, overdose of information is lethal. It will drive us into inactivity, indecisiveness, and sheer disconcern for the others around us. It brings lethargy. And this is the bubble that will burst with a lot of lives on stake. So what can be a the solution to this? Having a practical priority. Finding out what won’t change in the next decade for vocation. Gratitude towards everyone, and everything. Choosing others before you, collectively. Spending time together with people, not technology.

Our thumbs are probably a good indicator of where we are heading in our lives. Not the index finger that points out directions to others. Yes that’s correct. The index finger is for others. The thumb is for us. The things you hold, the things you make, and the things you tap on your screens have only one thing in common for all of us. The thumb. You may find the tone of this post hilarious, but then this is the only true indicator that’s right under our noses, that’s natural, from birth, and that’s devoid of any other need of technology. So if you are into profound thinking for making better decisions, asking better questions, and designing your own life then, start with your thumb. Your map will never be more accurate. Delete the things you can’t contribute to and delete the things that don’t contribute to you. It can be the things you hoard, your wardrobe, your friendships and enmities. Your time is valuable.

After the age of 18, with the ongoing rate of life expectancy in most countries, you will see only about 25000 sunrises. I hope this gives you a new perspective. Be present. Be present in the present. A friend told me that you cannot be in the future or the past. If you spend your mind being attached to the past, not only shall you miss out on what’s happening right now, but also be delusional. If only you can stay in the present, and let the universe explore itself through your creative senses. It takes a certain amount of physical exercising like running to feel ready and open minded to take in these expressions. Casey Neistat runs in NYC. Kushal Samant runs in Bangalore. No one stares at Casey, but they do at Kushal because Bangalore is more of a close knit community. This might explain why personal space is a thing for the Americans.

This explains why Viren Brahmbhatt snapped, What do you care?” when asked when his birthday was. It might come of as rude to some of us, but he was in the right. Behaviours are dominated by the place we belong to. Behaviours are not a cultural thing. Culture itself is a vague idea. The people you keep are a bigger influence on your creativity than your past and culture. The point to learn here is that we should focus on creating, and not creativity. Creativity comes. The way to do is to begin. You might never know what you will create.

But if you take the pen and start scribbling, you will get past the first few lines of utter lack of clarity combined with wholesome words that have no direction to the conversations. But if you just begin, everything that’s messed up will start to fall into place. In ways that will make the mess seem like a petty folly.